21ST CENTURY Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg Capsules (30's)

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21ST CENTURY Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg Capsules (30's)

Co-Enzyme Q10 Makes The Heart Stronger By Expanding Arteries So That More Blood Can Reach The Heart And With Less Effort. This Leads To Extra Energy And Stamina.

Co-Enzyme Q10 is vital to every cell in our bodies. It produces energy and protects the body from destructive free radicals. There are claims by some companies in the vitamin business that their hydro-soluble or water solubilized CoQ10 is more easily absorbed and for which they demand a higher price. But there is no scientific reason to prefer such over- processed CoQ10 since all the serious studies were done on regular CoQ10 powder.


Furthermore, there is concern that the stresses (like heat) subjected on CoQ10 powder in the process of making it hydrosoluble would reduce its efficacy. Similarly, as all the studies done so far were conducted using CoQ10 contained in two-piece capsules, it seems wiser to use this form rather than in tablet or soft gelatin forms.

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