Bekunis Herbal Laxative Tea 30g For Constipation Relief

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Bekunis brings relief! This tea helps to soften bowels and used as an occasional laxative tea.

Bekunis prevents constipation gently and reliably, because it works with the body's natural processes. Bekunis is made from the senna plant, an ages-old, well-tried medicinal herb. Bekunis is the drug of choice for natural relief from constipation.

Bekunis Herbal Tea
The traditional form of administration of the well-tried, purely vegetable Herbal Tea. Reliable, but mild in its effect. Bekunis Herbal Tea contains cut senna. Available as a pure senna tea, respectively in some countries as a special fine cut with peppermint flavour. Prepared from selected herbs of senna, this tea is simple to prepare and contains standardised levels of active ingredients for easy dosage control.

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