Solcoseryl Jelly 10% For Weeping Wounds burns treating ulcers skin 20g

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Solcoseryl ointment and gel are used in:
* Badly healing wounds
* Bed sores
* Chemical and thermal burns
* Freezings
* Trauma(wounds)
* Radiation dermatitis

 Dosage form: gel

Solcoseryl gel and ointment contains:

The active component - Solcoseryl (deproteinized dialysate from the blood of healthy dairy calves (Bos Taurus), a standardized chemically and biologically) 4.15 mg / g and 2.07 mg / g, respectively (based on the dry matter);
Preservatives: methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 218) and propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 216);
Other ingredients:
Solcoseryl gel - calcium lactate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol, water for injections.
Solcoseryl ointment - cetyl alcohol, cholesterol, white petrolatum, water for injections.
Solcoseryl gel
Homogeneous nearly colorless transparent gel solid consistency.
Solcoseryl ointment
Smooth, bold, easy to distribute weight from white to yellowish.
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Stimulation of tissue regeneration.
ATC code D11AX
Pharmacological properties
Solcoseryl is deproteinized gemodializat, containing a wide range of low molecular weight components of the cell mass and blood serum of dairy calves.

increases the intensity of reparative and regenerative processes;
promotes activation of aerobic metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation;
increases oxygen consumption and stimulate the transport of glucose into cells in hypoxia and ischemia;
increases the synthesis of collagen;
stimulates cell proliferation.
Solcoseryl gel does not contain as an auxiliary component of fat, making it easy to rinse. Promotes the formation of granulation tissue and the elimination of exudate.
Since the introduction of fresh wound granulation and drying recommended Solcoseryl ointment as auxiliary components fats and form a protective film on the wound surface.
Indications for use
Solcoseryl applied in the following cases:
minor injuries (bruises, scratches, cuts)
Burns 1 and 2 degrees (sunburn, thermal burns)
difficult healing wounds (including trophic ulcers and pressure sores).
For treatment atropholysis different origin Solcoseryl applies only after the removal of necrotic tissue injury.
Solcoseryl gel used in the initial treatment and applied to fresh wounds, wounds with a wet discharge or sores with symptoms soak.
Solcoseryl ointment is used primarily for the treatment of dry (nemoknuschih) wounds.
Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the drug.
Caution should be used in the predisposition to allergic reactions.
Dosage and administration
Solcoseryl applied topically applied directly to the wound surface after pre-cleaning the wound with a disinfecting solution.
Before starting the treatment of venous ulcers, and in cases of purulent wound infections to pre-surgical treatment.
Solcoseryl gel is applied to fresh wounds, wounds with a wet discharge, sores on the phenomena soak a thin layer to clean the wound 2-3 times a day. Areas with recommended grease started epithelization Solkoserilom ointment. Application Solcoseryl gel lasts until a pronounced granulation tissue over the damaged surface of the skin and dries the wound.
Solkoseril ointment applied in a thin layer to clean the wound 1-2 times a day. Solkoseril ointment can be applied under the bandage. The treatment Solkoserilom ointment continues until wound healing, epithelialization and its elastic scar tissue formation.
For treatment of severe venous lesions of skin and soft tissue to the simultaneous use of parenteral solkoseril.
Interaction with other drugs
Solcoseryl interaction with other drugs with local action is not established.
Side effect
In rare cases, the site of application solkoseril may develop allergic reactions such as hives, dermatitis edge. In this case, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
At the site of application solkoseril gel may experience transient stinging. If burning a long time does not pass, the application solkoseril gel should be discarded.
Overdose (intoxication) drug
Information about the effects of overdose solkoseril gel / cream available.
Solcoseryl not be applied to the contaminated wound, because it does not contain any antimicrobial composition components.
Application Solcoseryl, like all other drugs, it is undesirable during pregnancy and lactation is possible only when absolutely necessary and under medical supervision.
In the case of pain, redness of the skin near the site of application Solcoseryl, isolation of secretion from the wound, fever should see a doctor immediately.
If the application is not observed solkoseril healing of the affected area for 2-3 weeks, consult a doctor.
Form release
Solcoseryl gel tubes, 20 g
Solcoseryl ointment in tubes of 20 g
Storage conditions
Solcoseryl should be stored at a temperature not higher than + 30 ° C out of reach of children.

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